Aug 23: UPDATE! Phoenix Mars Lander - Tucker Reid H. Cofer Library at 2:00 pm
We have sent many probes to Mars looking for evidence of liquid water. The Phoenix Lander has found it! Please join me for an up-to-date discussion of what the Phoenix Lander has discovered during its short term on Mars.

Aug 29 - Sept 1: Dragon*Con 2008 Space Track
I will be conducting several panels on the Phoenix Mars Lander, Genesis, STARDUST, and Deep Impact and what they've accomplished recently. Dr. Pamela Gay and Laura Burns will be joining me on a panel discussing our experience with Community Outreach and Education. NASA's Dr. Trina Ray will be presenting panels on the Cassini mission currently orbiting Saturn. I'll be joining her on the Mars Exploration Rovers panel. We also have 'Bad Astronomy's' Dr. Phil Platt joining us again this year! We hope you can join us!

Sept 20: History of Manned Space Flight - Tucker Reid H. Cofer Library at 2:00 pm
This discussion will encompass the history of manned space flight from how the Russians mitigated the USA's race to space to the global efforts present today.

Oct 18: History of Unmanned Space Flight - Tucker Reid H. Cofer Library at 2:00 pm
I will cover how we have, robotically (successfully and sometimes not so successfully), visited the inner and far reaches of our solar system and beyond.

If you're interested in having me conduct an event at your school, library, or for your scout troop, please don't hesitate to contact me. I will develop a specialized presentation for your organization.

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